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There are hundreds of different types of standardized bunkers, so called Regelbau. These are categorized by Heer (army), Luftwaffe (airforce) or Marine (navy), and by function.

In addition, there are a lot of Sonderkonstruktion (specialconstuction), which are made specially to, for instance, a coastalbattery. Some bunkers are also known as Vf's. Vf is abbreviation for Verstärkt feldmessig, which means field reinforced.


Later on, there will be some more information about the following bunker-types;


L401 - Emplacement for 8,8 cm Flak gun

L402 - Emplacement for 2 cm Flak gun

L403 - B II fire control post for heavy anti-aircraft battery

L404 - B I fire control post for heavy anti-aircraft battery

L405a - Radar bunker

L406a - Machinery bunker for generator and 150 cm searchlight

L407a - Ammunition bunker for heavy anti-aircraft battery

R501 - Group-shelter for a group of 10 men

R607 - Ammunition bunker II

R608 - Battalion & regimental headquarters

R622 - Twin group shelter for two groups of 10 men

R634 - 6-embrasured turret bunker

R667 - Small casemate for 5 cm KwK (Kampf Wagen Kanone)

R671 - Casemate for medium pivoting guns

R680 - Casemate for 7,5 cm Pak 40


Here is one of the two R671 at Varnes, with the original K332(f) canon.