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Festung Lista was the name of all the fortifications and the airfield at Lista, during World War 2. The area reaches from Hausvik fort in Lyngdal as the eastern limit, via Lista, to Hågåsen at the island Hidra in Flekkefjord as the western limit.


Here we have focused on the following; Hausvik fort, Marka, Tjørveneset, Nordberg fort, Varnes fort, Hågåsen, and Festung Lista's museum in Hangar 45 at the former Lista Airfield.


On the different locations mentioned above, there will later on, be set up information signs for the actual location. There are also information signs by some of the exhibit objects at the museum.


Festung Lista's museum in hangar 45 is open every Sunday in July, from 12 AM to 3 PM.

It is also possible for groups of visitors to have special openings. Then it will be possible to, for instance, light up one of the big searchlights. You will also get a guided tour, so that you will get a chance to learn much more about the different objects. Please contact us for price offer.

Museum Festung Lista is a museum which is run by Lister Forsvarshistoriske Forening(LFF). In English this would be something like Lister Defencehistoric Association.

LFF was founded in 2006, and has in a short period of time built up a large collection of vehicles, weapons, and different types of equipment. Additionally LFF has got a lot of contacs with other museums in Norway and in other countries, with other similar associations, and with several collectors.

LFF consists of men and women aged 15 to 85. Our members have different backgrounds and skills, and can therefore solve a various range of tasks.