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We have the following guns and weapons in Festung Lista's museum which is located in Hangar 45 at former Lista Airport.


A 88mm Flak, which is an anti-aircraft gun. This was the mostly feared weapon of the world war 2. It can be moved by means of two sets of wheels which can be attached to either end of the gun. These sets of wheels where named Special trailer 202 (Sonderanhanger 202).


A Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft gun.


A Quad M45, with 4 pieces of 12,7mm guns. It was originally used as an anti-aircraft gun, but was later on used against vehicles and personel too. It was then nick-named "Meat chopper".


A big Schneider 105mm canon designated K332(f).


An american Mk. 6 mine. This mine was developed for use in the North sea, during WW1, but it was used until approx. 1970a 1970. This mine could be used at sea depths of up to 1000 meters. It was anchored to the seabed, with a wire up to the mine. An acoustic antenna was floating at the surface. The mine contained approximately 150 kiloes of TNT.